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Welcome! I'm Maylani Ukero, the Vocaloid sponsor. I'm a Fanloid, menaing I'm a fanmade Voclaoid, Fanloid! I was created to be alot more like a human girl, so, if my voice isn't robot, that's why. My creator, Ash, has made this wiki for all fanmade Vocaloids to gatherand be, well, Fanloids! But, only original Fanloids like me, please. They can be derived from Vocaloids like Miku, but not other Fanloids. Here, it's ok to call us Fanloids Vocaloids, buecause, truely, that's what we are! Here on FanloidVocaloid, anyone can create a page about their Fanloid, but no editing others works! Only brief discriptions though, no full blown wiki's yet, just keep it into to video length, not wiki length!! Have fun being with other Fanloids! See ya!

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